"I was struggling to get back into work after having my child but Balance Resourcing have been very supportive and set up interviews for suitable roles in my field"

Maureen J  


Getting back into work

Balance Resourcing is here to help you find flexible work to fit round your family. If you’ve got a CV and want to find that perfect part-time job, let us help you.

But if you don’t know where to start and you’re feeling really stuck, we’re here for you too. We offer support to help you get back to work after taking a break to raise a family. We can help you think through what you want from working life, and give you the confidence and practical strategies to start applying for jobs.

We bring parents confidently back into the workplace after having taken a break to raise a family. We help parents find part-time or flexible work that uses their skills and talents.

There is no reason to compromise - parents are no less committed to the work they do. If anything, being able to continue your career while rearing a family is an exciting prospect - and why shouldn't it be?

Wanting to work part-time does not make you less employable, we want to help you balance your career around your family commitments.


Flexible working

Flexible working is high on the agenda for many people; not just women, but men too who want to be more present at home, and organisations who want to attract and keep the best talent.

Recent government policy changes support and encourage flexible working practice in the UK. As a leading force in making these changes a worthwhile reality for women and employers, Balance Resourcing needs to understand what’s driving the flexible working revolution. And we like to share what we know. 

                               “Flexible working is the future” - Equal Opportunities Commission

Ask a question

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