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Agile Working - a dynamic approach to staffing

Posted in General on Monday, 22 September 2014
Agile Working - a dynamic approach to staffing

Recent research has again shown the younger generation are looking for a more flexible working arrangement. Indeed there is consensus that agile working would in fact help stimulate economic growth.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation have said "employers are going to have to think about how they engage people, how they employ them and the different types of contractual relationships they have in place".

This approach will require business owners and managers to adopt a different strategy towards how they resource their business. But there is every reason why this approach would benefit such companies - it is an exciting, more dynamic approach to staffing.

I am very interested to find out different experiences and views, from businesses and employees, how do you think agile working would affect your company? Would it work? Is it an exciting approach or not feasible?


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