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Flexible working is the future

Posted in General on Monday, 13 October 2014
Flexible working is the future

Recessions, and the last one more than most, often realigns our consumer driven society. The economic ‘jolt’ provides us with respite to realise and appreciate the importance on having more balance in our work lives.

The obsession of ‘living to work’, the escalation of monthly expenditure have given rise to a significant increase in the family’s requirement to work. This often has resulted in people losing focus on what was important – family, friends, a more rounded and complete life.

Flexible working, where businesses empower their staff to take control of their working commitments is slowly becoming more commonplace. The benefits are to be shared by both employer and employee alike. Company owners and HR departments are starting to realise that the provision of a flexible working policy is both a legal and staff engagement requirement.

Let’s hope this mindset gathers pace!


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