How we can help

Balance Resourcing provides businesses with access to talented, experienced and driven people for a contracted period of time.

We have adopted a philosophy called agile working, whereby we provide staff to join your existing team and be immediately able to be productive.

Whether it’s a short term requirement or an ongoing skill set that your business needs, Balance Resourcing can help. We engage for a fixed term contract, which at its conclusion provides you with the flexibility to extend the contract or take the person on permanently if required. We can make it happen for you.

Agile working

Agile working is about bringing people, processes, technology together to find the most appropriate and effective way of carrying out a particular task.

Agile working is across 4 dimensions of: Time (when do people work?), Location (where do people work?), Role (what do people do?) and Source (who carries out work?).

Agile working is not new, but it is a “new way of working”. It can certainly be included under the umbrella term “smart working”, which is about utilising the benefits gained from changing work practices, deploying new technologies and creating new working environments.

Project deadline?

Do you have a project deadline that added resource would help you complete? We can provide experienced, qualified people to join your team seamlessly and immediately add value. Is there a client deadline that can't be missed, would an extra 'set of hands' relieve the pressure. Even working on a part-time basis the difference this can make to a team under pressure is enormous.

Resource shortage?

Is there a skill set your team needs? Would its addition make your team stronger? The addition of such a person would  enable your existing staff concentrate on what they are best at. Especially in SMEs, resource is often stretched across several disciplines. Is the Managing Director also the Sales Director? Does the HR Manager also look after payroll or legal issues. These and similar examples distract existing skills from their important primary function.

Client requirement?

Does one of your requirements need you to provide them with a specialism you don't already have? The immediate addition of such a skill will allow you to immediately meet such a demand without draining resource away from your day to day functions. 

Regulatory requirement?

Has a statutory development or a state initiative placed a requirement on your business to adhere to specific criteria. Simple access to a required skill will enable your business to continue its day to day activity with minimal impact.