Our Purpose

Balance Resourcing is changing what recruitment looks like.

We are changing recruiting from a CV processor to a genuine business enhancer - that's what we are doing every day.

Let's face it, the recruitment industry has a poor reputation - an onerous and expensive process, where recruiters behave predominantly in a aggressive sales manner. At Balance Resourcing we approach our job very differently, 

Our approach to recruitment is different, our perspective is not a 'hard sell' but a considered approach with the needs of your business firmly first in the front of our mind. We are revolutionising the industry, removing the risk and speeding up the process, all the while getting the right person to enhance your business.

Through contracting, we employ the candidate on your behalf, after 6-12 months, you can chose to hire the person permanently. If the candidate leaves your company during the next two years, we will replace them at half price.

Wondering how, this might work for you and your business? If we sound like the recruitment firm, you'd like to do business with, click right here and we will be in touch as soon as humanly possible.

Balance Resourcing is excited to have joined B1G1 as a way the success of our business can benefit outstanding causes throughout the world. For every placement we make, we donate money to install solar power for housing and colleges in Tanzania.

Core Values

Our core values are the principles we hold in high regard:


We're down to earth and approachable. Respect and empowerment are important, all our employees want to make a difference, but for the client's benefit.

We act with integrity, backing our own judgement and providing pragmatic solutions rather than sitting on the fence. Trust is vital to everything we do. Any candidate we place, isn't a maverick, but realises they are there to make a difference, to add value and to enhance their client team.


We are enterprising and willing to rise to the challenge.

We strive for success and for excellence in everything we do, driving ourselves to do better. We innovate and think beyond conventions to find lateral solutions. Our candidates, with their qualifications and extensive experience provide their client's with something different. A perspective that makes you think, either reinforcing existing strategy or considering a variety of options.


Our strength comes from our relationships - with each other, with our clients and with our communities.

We work in a diverse business and value the different perspectives that brings. We're committed to working together as one team to deliver the best outcomes for our clients and for the firm. The experience and knowledge as well as extensive working contacts provide your business with access to a breadth of potential customers and suppliers.


Constantly promoting an inclusive culture that encourages everyone to realise their full potential. Through this approach comes true teamwork, and real strength.

We have created an environment where people with different talents, cultures and outlooks benefit from working together – and so offer our clients a much greater range and depth of knowledge and experience. Diversity is a live and constantly evolving business issue, and we’re intent on extending the reach and effectiveness of our actions. Push for change, and you’ll be pushing at an open door.