Client Spotlight

In the time Balance Resourcing has been operating, we have been able to make a very real difference to a variety of businesses in very different sectors. While these businesses are very different in their offering and their expertise, they all have similar requirements to get ahead of the competition - people.

All businesses, regardless of the sector, can successfully differentiate themselves from competitors by having the motivated, talented and experienced people doing what they are good at. Whenever an Operations Director is working on elements of Sales for example, they are inefficiently using their time. Balance Resourcing recognises this false economy and provides a risk averse option to address a missing skill or perhaps just a shortfall in capacity.

We had a client who required an experienced, qualified accountant to join their finance team on short notice.

They had a year end project which was tying up considerable resource and we were approached to facilitate.  Regulatory requirements meant that the existing Finance team required a specialist accountant to join the team. The year end deadline meant there was a very real necessity for this person to be able to come in and start work immediately with minimal training.

Derek joined the team and was able to seamlessly join in. He was able to immediately be responsible for the specific area he was working in  and he was able to detail and recommend areas where work was inefficiently done and add clear structure and systems to the Finance function. He exceeded expectations in his role and his contract was increased as he partook in additional projects.

Rod, Airdrie Savings Bank

A marketing client required an experienced, qualified manager to promotions team on short notice.

Another client has a requirement that up until that point drew resource away from the more key functions of other staff members. Parachuting Helen into a role where she was able to work flexibly alleviated the constrained resource and enabled more focussed work from the existing employees. The fact that the external contractor worked flexibly was not questioned by those other staff members.

Daragh, C3 Marketing

An IT company establishing their Scottish presence required an experienced sales manager to join their team.

They were establishing their presence in Scotland and required an experienced sales person to join the start up team in Glasgow. Without detailed knowledge of the market and a limited contact base, the company contracted a sales manager from Balance Resourcing to start the ball rolling. Taking someone on a contracted basis proved to be the best course of action. It allowed the company to start straight away and brought in an experienced person in the Scottish IT sector with minimal risk. 

The benefit was two fold, establishing their presence in Scotland, while at the same time, introducing an experienced person to the business, whom they were in a position to take on permanently once the 'pipeline' was established and becoming productive.

David, Vizolution