We have consciously focussed expertise in specific market sectors.

You can be sure of the very highest level of market intelligence and experience. Our services are very clearly defined, and combining industry experience with our diligent hiring skills ensures a very precise matching to your needs in a competitive market.

Short term requirement

We can provide experienced, qualified and highly motivated professionals to join your existing team with minimal notice. Do you have a project that has a looming deadline or a regulatory requirement that needs a specific skill set to complete properly? Balance Resourcing can help! We will supply a qualified experienced professional who will hit the ground running and help complete that urgent project or deadline you have.

You have total flexibility, the selected candidate can join your team for a contracted period, typically six months. At the end of the contract, this can be renewed or if the person makes a significant difference to your team, you have the option to take them on permanently. Balance Resourcing will tailor to your requirements.

Long term integration

Is there a shortage in the head count within your existing team? Would the addition of an experienced professional reduce the stress and pressure on your current team. Balance can provide the right person, either on an agile working basis or on a full time basis, as you require.

Taking this approach allows you to see how well the candidate integrates with your existing team. Is their addition making a real and tangible benefit to the output of your workforce. If this is the case, then they can seamlessly join the team on a permanent basis increasing your team's skill set and reducing the pressure on the existing staff members.

Whether it’s a short term project or a longer term requirement, Balance Resourcing can meet your needs. We provide flexibility and versatility, allowing you to access talented, experienced professionals.

Skill set

Our contractors have a diverse range of backgrounds and experience. Above all, they provide outstanding skills and experience to augment those already in place in your business.

How often do SMEs rely on existing staff undertaking tasks that are not their specialism. Most business owner's undertake some Sales & Marketing, Accounts, Finance or Legal. The all hands on deck approach is a standard practice in the majority of businesses. Perhaps there isn't the workflow or budget to get someone with those specific skills. Balance addresses this, we can provide you with experienced, qualified and driven consultants who have extensive experience in those fields. They can join your team, and enable the existing team to concentrate on their particular attributes.

Part time or Full time?

Is your requirement part time or full time? Perhaps you currently have a requirement that doesn't require a full time employee. That's not a problem, we have candidates who are looking for such an arrangement. The benefit is that while you have a particular need for a skill set, perhaps budget or work flow determines this isn't a full time role.

Agile working is a concept which understands the evolution of the workplace. Technology, business requirements, office space and personal demands/ constraints of employees are all factors that have led us to consider a more dynamic way for businesses to engage its staff.

Employing a consultant with a clear and missing skill set in your business four days a week, free's up the workload of existing staff, allowing them to concentrate on their key skills and bringing in skilled personnel at a fraction of their full time salary.

As the role grows, the option for the role to become full time is one that can be considered at a later stage.

The alternative to recruitment

Recruitment is a costly and time consuming exercise. There is also a high degree of risk considering the initial outlay. Balance Resourcing provides the answer. Take one of our contractors on for an initial six month contract. This will give you the time to see them bed in, add value and gel with your existing staff. At the end of the contract, roll it over or take up the option to recruit them permanently. Its a seamless switch of employer, which we are happy to facilitate.